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SSB4143 – DSS Lab assignment 2 – FAQ March 19, 2006

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As I’ve been receiving questions regarding our assignment, I decided to arrange it in a hopefully-coherent FAQ. Please read on this before asking further questions.


SSB4143 – DSS Lab assignment 2 – Database schema for northwind March 19, 2006

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I just realized that you will require at least the database schema to create the DDL. Though, you can guess it from the data (as I did). Anyway, here is the schema: Northwind-db-schema (30KB)

Accesing ODBC data source from Java program March 18, 2006

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I’ve written this crude tutorial to help students in DSS class work on their assignment. This step by step tutorial assumes you are using Microsoft Windows 2000.


SSB4143 – DSS Lab assignment 2 March 12, 2006

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Note: As I have lost my thumbdrive recently, the following questions may not be exacly the same as you had on class. Here they are:

Do some small reseach to answer the following questions

  1. Explain ETL phase in data mining?
  2. What is XML? And what does XML serves in the ETL process?
  3. Explain briefly what ODBC is?
  4. Explain briefly what JDBC is? Stress on the difference and similarity between ODBC and JDBC!
  5. You are required to write a small java application to perform ETL on the northwind database, to a MySQL database. To create the impression of the data coming from disparate sources, the data is stored in plaintext, MS-Excel Spreadsheet, and XML files.

Make sure you bring your java application and the data definition language (DDL) for your database for next session (March 20) when we’ll perform a few DSS tricks on the data.
As usual, questions goes to barkah[DOT]yusuf[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

ADDED: Apparently, This site forbids zip files to be uploaded. So I cannot upload the northwind data. However you can pick it up at Application Lab, it’s on the desktop of PC “10AppTeach07” (the one just infront of teacher’s PC).

Relax mind…Relax Body February 21, 2006

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Relax mind
Relax body
Relax bowels
Do not fall over.
You are a cloud.
You are raining.
Do not rain
While train
Is standing at a station.
Move with the wind.
Apologise where necessary.

Taken from the “Zen And The Art Of Going To The Lavatory
by Grunthos the Flatulent, the poetmaster of the Azgoths of Kria, writers of the second worst poetry in the universe.

Appear in Douglas Adam’s, “The Hitchikers GUide To Galaxy